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I thought of that moment in the gym recently after hearing that Long died. Lots of pastors preach homosexuality is a sin. Bishop Eddie Long's fall from grace The woman who approached me wanted to share her conclusions on Long's sexual proclivities. From Our Partners. She went on to lament that the media doesn't want to highlight strong, holy Christians living for God but are quick to glorify individuals like Caldwell. Eddie Long responds to allegations

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And when people take it personal, especially if we've never met, you know that the enemy is setting that up," she added.

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CP Current Page: Long's attorneys denied the allegations and maintain that he was simply attempting to be a father figure to his accusers by providing them with financial assistance and encouragement. The church said it grew from members to more than 25, under his leadership, operating television and international ministries and building satellite churches in several cities, including Miami, Denver and Charlotte, N.

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Then he got rid of the church's deacon board.

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