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I'm genuinely surprised to see how much time and effort went into making this game. Loading SWF for the first time We had to change it a few months back because of some troublemakers. I'd agree with BuPa, 8. It's more of an issue of my hardware than the game though.

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There's a lot of Pokemon to meet and different things to try, so take your time and have fun with it!

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Adobe Flash is required to run this project in the browser. Was that on purpose? On the Options screen on the main menu, you can view your name and password. Love this adorable game! Log in with itch. All of the Pokemon you've met will remember you, and you will retain any items you have purchased. Comments Log in with itch.

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The touching controls can be a bit fiddly, but are still good enough to be immersive. Be cautious if you choose to collaborate with other players in the comments below; you might find spoilers which make your experience less enjoyable. Just needs a bit of polishing with some of them mechanics and maybe some additional features. We had to change it a few months back because of some troublemakers. Glad you're enjoying the game, I hope you come back to it to finish it some day!

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