Gay man attracted to women with big biceps

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I'm muscular all over. It's not just gay men - I see many guys at the gym who never do anything except upper body work. As a gay man, I am only attracted to men with blond hair. Why am I attracted to men with round butts? I told myself that the guys who were repelled by my biceps probably weren't worth going after anyway, that there were enough men who didn't seem to care, that those superficial guys probably cry themselves to sleep every night in their tragic whey-powder-filled apartments and that I should just learn to love myself just the way I am.

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Well shaped, muscled, hairy - sends me over the top.

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Something I''ve noticed about gay men.

So, for those who have hit the plateau in terms of developing the upper-body muscle groups, working on the lower body can help you get over it. I am fortunate that genetics blessed me with very muscular legs but I don't understand how one can claim to be a fitness buff without incorporating aerobics into their routine. I used to look down on the dudes with no legs before, but I realize it's purely genetic. Why do women find Big Biceps attractive? I think str8s call the upper bod bar muscles--you look good trying to pick up chicks at a bar. Andrejs Zavadskis via Shutterstock My skinny arm complex As a gay man, big biceps seemed like the best way to attract a guy. I also, finally, felt like a grown up.

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In a way, I think this is a lesson that the gay community is learning, too. A lot of guys prob. They don't work out their legs. Doesn't matter of the person is gay or straight. Other straight guys like girls with a big ass.

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