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I definitely am a romantic kind of person. InHernandez made it onto the reality competition series American Idollanding in the top 12 before being eliminated. That's been the theme of my entire life. As I had mentioned before, being on a reality competition show where only the last person standing gets to bathe in the spotlight, getting pelted by shots from a confetti cannon, I asked him how he has survived after Idol. They tried to sensationalize it and make it into a negative; I was so over it by the time the story got dredged across social media platforms, I wanted people to just focus on the vocals.

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There is so much more to worry about in life than stupid shit like that.

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David Hernandez

When we got to the interracial gay couple, everyone just lost it and started sobbing. David Hernandez He has a great voice, good looks and enough nerve to take on mainstream Hollywood. Some of those issues are alive and well in the LGBT community itself. I started singing in terrible venues, and then I boarded a cruise ship to sing in an a capella quartet when I was about Michael Orland was like a brother to me through the whole process, always asking me if I was doing ok, if I was all right and telling me to "open my mouth and stretch my vocals"! That little gay boy, fearing for his life, just wanting the world to accept him. Absolutely, I am working on a full length album now.

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That all helps fund the next record. It was a lot of fun doing Pride actually. I just ran into him. Through the whole course of "American Idol" though, Michael Orland and Debra Byrd and Dorian Holley; they were that little power team that did nothing but motivate and positively push me. Most of Vatican Priests are Gay You know, right after Christina was murdered, I contacted my booking agent and asked if they could possibly get more security for Pride. I didn't realize how much work went into it and I also didn't realize that you could change keys of songs to fit your vocals, I had no idea.

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