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We are born male or female with rare exceptions because of medical conditions. But I know having experienced it already that being called a transphobe in today's society is the equivalent of being called a Nazi. Retrieved 2 April My condolences to his family and close friends. I don't think my article damaged or harmed anyone.

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I hear the voice of the trans person who says that they must change because they really are trapped in the wrong body.

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I’m transgender and Christian. Here’s what I did when evangelicals tried to pray for me.

Prayer should be a loving act, not a weapon of marginalization. What Paul is saying is that 'in Christ' there is no more male and female' — in other words our gender does not matter when it comes to salvation. But Jamie suggests that the apostle Paul changed everything in Galatians 3: Not at a time when transgender students with stories of discrimination are turned away by the Department of Education. Inthe Church of South India opened up the possibility to ordaining transgender priests. But we need to challenge harmful ideologies which undermine the Word of God and by so doing attack the person of Christ and harm his creation.

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I would argue that this ideology is what dehumanises people. In the Old Testamentmen with damaged testicles or severed genitals are forbidden from being admitted to religious assemblies. The guy on the right started nervously stammering, clearly having trouble answering the question. I am the nurse he mentions in the correspondence page. At last, one of them spoke up: And then I picked it up when it was clear she was done. I had no intention of going easy on them.

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