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Augsburg Fortress, Publishers, But I was hurt, I tried to play like I wasn't hurt. Given Black churches' roles in championing heterosexual marriage, these men may regard church attendance as a way to secure female partners and, simultaneously, avoid homosexual stigma Ward Personal Narratives Homoeroticism in the Biblical World: Protestant Traditions A Whosoever Church:

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So I go in there, I was going to do my change.

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GLBT Religion & Spirituality - A Selective Bibliography: 2001–2005

Abstract While there is a small but growing body of work that examines the religious and spiritual lives of bisexuals, there is a strong need for additional research that further explores the intersectionality of these distinct identities. Psychology of Women Section Review. Second, we performed axial coding by linking the broad categories of religion and spirituality to sub-categories within each of these. Duncan, and David Orgon Coolidge. Such distinctions add complexity and possible complications to any discussion of the influence of religion and spirituality in the lives of LGBT individuals.

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With an invisible identity, individuals are often assumed to be part of the majority and, according to Ochsmost people do not realize how many LGBT individuals they actually know. As with all research, this study has limitations. Contents Compilers of Resource Book Lists: Although it may be argued that lesbian feminists refusals had less to do with gender than differing and, at times, fractious, sociopolitical agendas between lesbians and gay men. A Black feminist statement. Others discussed the church as a place where non-heterosexuals interacted, often for meeting sexual partners.

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