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On the other hand, gay related stigma—referring to the prejudice, ignorance, insult, and discrimination towards to sexual minorities—should be controlled as effectively as possible. Procedure All participants filled out the questionnaires in the research room. In digital harassment, cruel and malicious behavior is easy to engage in, because the physical distance between the offender and the victim can be large [ 36 ]. Limitations Given the fact that there are a very few studies conducted in China to investigate and explore mental health conditions of sexual minorities, and limited literature is available for reference. Assessment of Stigma Towards Homosexuality in China: Implications for mental health. The results indicated that lower levels of peceived social acceptance toward homosexuality and bisexuality and traditional and cyber harassment victimization were significantly associated with lower QOL in all four domains, whereas higher levels of self-reported masculinity were significantly associated with higher QOL on all four domains.

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Alcohol and society. Herek GM. Farewell concerts.

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Later identification of sexual orientation, lower education and self-reported masculinity levels, and experiences of cyber harassment were associated with lower QOL in the environmental domain.

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