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Likewise, writing may have a big impact on you — it may change the way you think about prisoners, it may challenge assumptions you have, and you may learn important things about yourself in the process. I want you to to get in on fun and not have to worry about discovering a giant gay envelope in your mailbox. It is absolutely okay to not have a complete answer, but it is good to think about what your motivations are. Pride month has come to a close, but the work of celebrating and honoring the lives of all LGBTQ people still has much work to be done. Super excited for this!

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Cyberspace Inmates - Find a pen pal in prison.

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Pen Pal Ads

I so want to participate!!! Write your first letter on plain or lined paper, in a plain envelope no stickers, no photos, etc. Log in to Reply. I need a good intro on how to write a good letter from a social perspective, not a grammatical one…although, I could use help with that, too. Check in with your penpal on your first or second letter and ask whether or not it is okay to send them materials that are gay, queer, or trans themed or focused. You can reach Jason at blackandpink99 gmail.

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Now to look up pretty ways to decorate letters and invest in a ton of stamps. Not that I ever condone lying to parents, etc. We take this approach because we recognise that the reasons why people end up in prison are complex and we are not in a position to judge. General things to keep in mind when writing Be conscious of trying to approach letter writing from a framework of solidarity rather than charity. Strengths include an impressive knowledge of Harry Potter, the ability to apply sociology to everything under the sun, and a knack for haggling for groceries in Spanish. This is so wicked cool!

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