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Updated 8 January Published 21 April Within months they suddenly found themselves thrust in the world spotlight touring to international acclaim. Playing with Redemption 3. Jason Zinoman, reviewing for The New York Timeswrote that the premiere production was "an earnest and reverent spin on the Jesus story, with some soft-spoken, gay-friendly politics thrown in. They then quickly reinstated it, stating that they did not believe in censorship but also noting that security precautions would be taken. It "follows a group of gay men who re-enact Christ's spiritual journey.

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Will Jesus Be Portrayed as Homosexual in an Upcoming Film?

Share it in the comments below. It featured a lead character with the name Joshua, which is a variation of the name Jesus. Just this week, someone sent the Censor a complaint about the "film". Jacksonand a live-action remake. It will take you less than 2 minutes! The BBFC received six complaints about it in and another two queries late last year, with complainants often asking them to ban the film on the grounds it is blasphemous and offensive. Retrieved July 1,

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Learn more about the nominees. Collected via the Internet, This led to violent protests by party members and clergymen, with journalists and audience members being banned in the theater, and the premiere was cancelled. If the play is filmed, then he says it could be classified but is unlikely to be banned. Please send this to ALL of your friends to sign to stop the movie from coming out.

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